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How to force running only one instance of your application in C#

How to force running only one instance of your application in C#

If you do not want to allow the user to run multiple instances of your application, here‘s how to do that using the Mutex class from System.Threading :
        // Setup a unique Name for your Application
        static Mutex mutex = new Mutex(false, "My_Unique_App_ID");

        /// The main entry point for the application.
        static void Main()
            // Delay 3 seconds to be sure that there is no other instance running
            if (!mutex.WaitOne(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(3), false))
                MessageBox.Show("Another instance of this application is already running");

                // There is no other instances running
                // Launch the application
                Application.Run(new Form1());
The Mutex will be released when the application ends, but even if the application terminates without releasing the Mutex, it will be automatically released by the .net framework.
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