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Refork | Front-end dev tool for Developers and Web Designers

Refork | Front-end dev tool for Developers and Web Designers

I'm happy to announce that Reforkbeta is online and running.

What is Refork ?

Refork is a free front-end development platform where developers and web designers come to learn, find inspiration and explore new horizons.

Refork is also a showcase of awesome code, new Html/Css/Javascript/jQuery samples and techniques that pushes the boundaries of what's possible on the web.

Join and show the world what you can do with Html, CSS & JavaScript.

How it works ?

Refork makes front-end development very easy, just start writing new COD here, save your work, share it on the web, social pages and embed live working demos within your pages.

Check out the following example, press Fork to edit the code and play with it :
Each working sample will be listed in the latest CODs section on the homepage, and Refork editors will choose the best CODs to promote them on the Refork social network, web pages and affiliated sites.

Check out Refork and dont hesitate to contact me. Any feedback, questions and suggestions are welcomed and would be appreciated! Thanks.
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Great online tool
Thank you so much for sharing this great tool!
- by Joe on 3/13/2013
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